There are a lot of fun approaches to take a break as a family and gain some dependable experiences while you do it during this lockdown.

In these long stretches of lockdown, you need not stress in the event that you are coming up short on approaches to keep your kids engaged.

From empowering your youngster’s with expressions and specialties, to releasing their star potential and bringing out the artist in them.

Here are 15 Things to do during lockdown to help your Kids and Family beat the pandemic blues.

Finger painting

Let your child express strong streak of artistry and creativity with this messy but fun way to paint. Just spread out a plastic sheet or newspapers and let them get themselves messy and creative. 


There are a lot of Art & Crafts stuff that your child would love to do. Clay Modelling, Salt dough, and scented dough modeling, decorate bottles, DIY crafts, and many many more you can explore on YouTube.


Discover the ancient art of paper folding in yourself and your kids. This can keep the children amused for hours and it makes very little mess, unlike the finger painting. These models can later be used to decorate the house and show the creativity of kids to your relatives once the lockdown is over. Some interesting origami models you can consider.

Foreign language

There are a lot of online apps such as Duolingo, MemRise, and Babbel you can use to teach and learn some basics of foreign languages along with your kids.

Play an instrument

If you know to play an instrument, this is another creative thing you can share you’re your children. Even if you don’t there are a lot of tutorials for playing instruments online. So now is the perfect time to do so.

Cooking together

Now that you are home, why not use this extra time to teach your child this very necessary life skill? You can teach them a lot of things: Baking cake and cookies, make fruit ice lollies, teach them to make their own milkshakes with their favorite fruits.

This is a great way to teach your child the basics of cooking, and maybe later when you start with your regular schedule after the lockdown they might surprise you with some great dishes when returning back from work.

Engage in Board Games

Almost everybody has taken their board games and Activity Boxes out of the closet. You would have seen people posting pictures of Playing the old board games on social media. This could be the moment you can tell your childhood stories to your kids.


Encourage your kids to read books during this time of lockdown. Take turns to read stories to each other. Or just play an audible bookYou can also ask your kids to write their own stories and read them. 

Get together your collectibles

Grab your child’s favorite little jewels, along with old tickets from fun days out, postcards from holidays, photographs from their initial years, and whatsoever your child likes and put them in a scrapbook together to keep them safe.

Indoor gardening

Teach the importance of plants. Give each of your children an indoor plant to upkeep and watch it grow. Tell them how to take care of it and watch it grow along with your child’s horticultural skills.

Making cards

Take out your annual calendar and make a note of all the occasions you missed during the lockdown. i.e birthdays, anniversaries, and special events coming up or just miss you cards. Then engage them in making personalized cards for each of them which you can post them.

Car wash & Gardening

So as the summer weather is here, take them to the garden or ask them to help you with the car wash or watering the garden. Kids love to play with water guns. Playing with water is one of the most loved activities kids enjoy.

Play hopscotch and skipping games

If you have some outdoor space or a small garden, Play hopscotch or teach your child the skipping. This would not only help you keep fit but also keep your children busy with some outdoor activities.


Karaoke with the whole family is another fun activity to get along. Karaoke in parties with friends and relatives brings the party alive. Lockdown and social distancing have discouraged parties, but not Karaoke. So why not grab a Karaoke mike and do it at home during this time of stress. There are a million karaoke songs to choose from on YouTube.

Group video calls

Missing your friends and relatives. Just get them all along in a group video call. There nothing more can keep your children and your parents happy.

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