The change in Technology has brought about some staggering changes and it is incredible in this era we’re living in. There are many things, but we’re just going to discuss how it has made things hard for parents and children. Living without gadgets or denying children to use it, no matter how important they’ve become particularly since COVID-19, there is something that we can do to minimize the harm done here.

Almost every parent is very much worried about the screen time the child is engaged into these days. Don’t worry, stay ahead of the game by giving them Toy subscription & Activity boxes. This will not only keep them busy but more importantly, they will learn while they play.

The learning we give to our children in the early years is crucial to their future success. So, we are always looking for ways to teach our child all the wonderful things in the world. But finding good educational books and toys is always a challenge.

Here is the SOLUTION

Some of the Most Engaging and Smart Toy Subscription and Activity boxes that are replacing the commonly used toys:

Inspired by Einstein’s quote, “Every child is born a genius” It is the India’s #1 Early Learning Box.

It includes Educational toys and books, puzzles, Art & Crafts, Memory Games, Wipe clean book, and stickers book. Everything compiled in a brilliant box helps in developing LOGIC, CREATIVITY, LANGUAGE & MORE.

Alternatively, it is CHILD SAFE and designed by Parents. No wonder, each item in the box is of great quality. The books are made of thick laminated pages, and the colours in the painting set are non-toxic and child safe.

The Einstein Toy Subscription box comes in different packages from 0-6 years of age. It also comes in various Sets: 1 Box set, 3 box set, 5 box set and Birthday Set

Price Range: Starts from ₹599 ( See on AMAZON)

2. Explore | STEM Learner

Toy Subscription & Activity Box
Toy Subscription & Activity Box

Explore is a brand focused towards improving educational standards by developing products which inculcate a sense of learning through interactive play. Through it’s STEM Learner series, Explore aims at helping children take another step forward in STEM education. All the Explore products are developed, manufactured and packaged in India.

While all the products are amazing, some of the most trending boxes are My Slime Gooey Lab, Soap Making, Candle making, bath bomb making and My Chemistry Lab.

Price: Starts from ₹399 ( See on AMAZON)

CocoMoko Kids was launched at the World Children’s Expo in 2014 and the educational games have been selling around the globe.

All products are proudly Made in India!  #MakeInIndia

The company was started by Priyanka Prabhakar & Shitij Malhotra who set out for making geography games out of their love for travel.
All the products have been designed by professional product designers, game designers, content experts, psychologists and pedagogists.

Moreover, the games engage kids and keep them busy for hours, keeping them away from screen time.

CocoMoko Kids create the best educational toys, games, DIY Activity Kits and Maps that help children learn through the joy of a toy! These educational toys and games impart the right skill-set at the right age.

Price Range: Starts at ₹190

Play Shifu isn’t just another toy maker. Playshifu toys are much more than toys and education.

The concept of Playshifu is amazing and some of the products gets sold out so quickly that you have to wait for it.

Orboot and Plugo are two remarkable Globally recognized and AWARD Winning STEM Toys that are worth buying for your child and has greatly reduced the Screen time.

Price Range: Starts at ₹299

The Smartivity toys are fun and learn toys, specially focussing on S.T.E.M. Learning (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics).

Fortunately, it is a great value for money with longer constructive Activities, multiple gameplays and Superior Engagement Time Per Rupee than other DIY toys. It is astonishing features Eco-friendly, Mess Free and No tools needed for assembly makes them stand out from the other Activity Kits.

It is the Most Trusted Brand By Parents, loved by children in 24 Countries (including USA & Europe) and tested in global labs. Exceeds global toy safety standards.

Another great service provided by Smartivity is PARTS GUARANTEE: Broken part? Missing part? Just call them and if you need an additional part for any reason, they will send you what you need.

Patent Designs are MADE IN INDIA, Sturdy, Tough & Durable.

Price Range: Starts at ₹299

Genius Box educational activity Kits are designed to enrich and stimulate young minds through multiple learning projects and activities. These are also based on the STEM Learning. Some of the most demanded boxes are: Science Lab experiments Activity Kit, Planes and Rockets, Discovering Dinosaurs.

These are also available for children of all ages.

Price Range: Starts at ₹999

7. Melissa and Doug

Melissa and Doug offers a wide range of toys from spelling puzzles to maths projects, Dolls accessories to skill building toys, salad play, kitchen set, Play houses, chalk boards, white boards, painting sets  and what not.

These are a premium range of toys with excellent quality and 100% customer satisfaction.

Incredibly elegant and a very good value for money as the quality and durability is a very good.

Price Range: Starts at ₹999

8. Jack in the Box

It is an ARTS AND CRAFTS SCIENCE BOX which includes Rocket Science Experiment, Starry Kaleidoscope, Lace the Constellations, Solar System Wind-chime, Space Explorer Board Game – It comes with an easy to follow instructions manual.

This is an adorable craft kit that engages kids to learn through Creative play. An ideal gift for developmental and fun for girls & boys ages 7-10.

Price Range: Starts at ₹495

Vikalp India is a vision shared by like-minded educationists. They develop alternative methods and materials which help children to learn concepts and make connection with what they already know and experience in their real life. The children can think and feel with them.

Impact of Vikalp Experiential Learning

Changes that has been observed in more than 80 % students:

  1. According to the survey it is found that after two months of implementation students starts developing interest in mathematics. Fear of mathematical concepts takes a back seat. They are able to relate math to real life and make it meaningful.

  2. After Four months of implementation it is observed that most of the students are able to do homework independently

  3. After Six months of implementation it is observed that most of the students are able to understand the concepts of math and hence leading to increase in their scores.

Price Range: Starts at ₹350

Last but not the least, Skillmatics is another S.T.E.M Learning based toys manufacturing Fun Family Games & Interactive learning toys. All the products are of exceptionally good quality and price.

The best sellers for Skillmatics are: Boredom Buster, Dots and Mazes, Newton’s Tree, Math Master, Space explorers and SQUIK.

Price Range: Starts at ₹249

Other Subscription Boxes you can consider

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