In this Children learning reading review, I have mainly focused on the program curriculum. Further, the doubts that I had myself about the program:

Is the development and education of your kid crucial to you? Also, have you been scanning for a program that will support you with teaching your child to read, so far spending several hundred dollars on uncertain programs simply doesn’t sound good to you? Well, I can understand your frustrations, as I’ve experienced similar problems myself…

Children Learning Reading Reviews

Recently I ran over a step-by-step program that inspires parents to effectively teach their children to read. The brilliant thing about this program is that as long as your child can talk, it will assist you with teaching your kid to read fluently. I had a few questions at first when I saw that the program guaranteed that even 2 and 3-year-old kids can be taught to read successfully. In any case, my questions were immediately gone when I saw this video evidences of little kids reading.

The Authors of the program, Jim and Elena, have built up the Children Learning Reading review system, and afterward utilizing it with their own kids. They indicated different clips of their young 2 year 11 months old girl reading, and I was very amazed to see how their little girl was reading when she was barely 3 years of age. I didn’t hope to see 3-year-old reading books! Here’s a video for you to see:

Who Is the Children Learning Reading Designed For?

The Children Learning Reading program is designed for parents with small kids between the ages of 2 to 6 years of age. It is intended to show little children and little youngsters to read successfully. One significant thing to remember is that this program isn’t designed for very small kids, or youngsters who have not learned to talk yet. However, if your kid has learned out how to talk, at that point you can utilize this program to show your youngster to read.

The principal objective of the Children Learning Reading program is to enable your kid to understand how to separate printed text quickly and learn out how to read well through the basic way of growing phonemic awareness. Phonemic awareness is seemingly one of the most significant parts of figuring out how to read, and turning into a good reader. Children who need phonemic awareness regularly have understanding challenges, and end up being poor readers. Jim & Elena’s Children Learning Reading program is an amazingly straightforward, simple, and a step-by-step program. Their program includes simple exercises and practices that work to allow your child to grow phonemic awareness, and figure out how to read. Clinical examinations, and even the National Reading Panel has stated that helping children develop phonemic awareness is one of the best approaches to train your kids to read.

children learning reading reviews

What is the Children Learning Reading Program Teaching module?

The program is designed to teach children in two phases, and each stage goes with it’s own guidance book and step by step exercises. Stage 1 helps your kid to develop the important foundational skills to read fluently, while stage 2 exercises are slightly advanced helping your child to display amazing reading skills.

There are 28 lessons in stage one that are easily spread out to train your kid beginning with reading printed text. The alphabet letters and sounds are introduced in a simple, reasonable, and natural order through the 28 exercises. Extremely simple words and mixing practices are used and progressively complicated words, sentences, stories, and rhymes are gradually presented with the lessons with your kids progress. When you complete stage 1 exercises with your child, your child will have just developed important reading skills that will leave you surprised.

When you complete stage 1, you can proceed to Stage 2 exercises, which include encouraging some complicated words for reading. There are 22 exercises in stage two. One of the primary important point of this stage is teaching your kid letter combinations called digraphs. The words, sentences, exercise stories, and rhymes here are more advanced.

What is the benefit of this program?

The one thing that truly hit home for me about this program is that it doesn’t drive your kid to memorize any phonics rules! Being parents, I’m certain you can imagine how difficult it is to have little children and small kids memorize! The superb thing about Jim and Elena’s Children Learning Reading program is that all through the whole program, your child figures out how to read, and develop great reading and decoding skills without memorizing any phonics rules. This is the reason their program is so successful at instructing children to read.

Another huge benefit of this program is that the step-by-step exercises are designed to be quick and successful. Every exercise generally takes no longer than 5 to 10 minutes to finish, and a few exercises take only 2 or 3 minutes to finish. As you can see, within a short time, short exercises like these will be much more compelling and effective than drawn-out exercises. To teach your kid to read, you have to simply follow the exercises step-by-step, and spend 5 to 10 minutes every day consistently teaching your kid to read. In only 12 short weeks, you will be very satisfied that you have taken at that point time and energy to give your child the most significant ability of everyday life – Reading.


USP - Children Learning Reading Phonics Program

This power learning system includes:

  • 32 step by step guided easy to follow and super effective lessons.
  • You also get lesson printouts and flashcards.
  • Just print and you’re ready to teach.
  • Mp3 audios are included for all the phonics sounds taught- don’t guess yourself the incorrect sounds. We have all bases covered.
  • There are short stories included in our bonus lesson storybook. Your child will be reading short stories by the time you finish the foundations program.
  • Videos are included as well.
  • Everything is delivered in digital format, so you dont have to wait.

Price:  37 USD

Link: Click here for the Children Learning Reading Program

Recommendation Score


Most people just focus on sight words and word shapes, but do not realize that before teaching children Phonics, children must be able to develop Phonemic skills.

Without Phonemic awareness many children will struggle to read.

Scientific studies have shown:

Children lacking Phonemic awareness will have difficulties with learning to read and spell.

Phonic awareness and synthetic phonics training accelerates reading and spelling skills of all children.

Phonemic awareness and synthetic phonics improves children’s word reading and reading comprehension.

The best part is that along with the 32 step by step east to follow lessons this can be done with fun and games activities, so thre are no struggles and no stress.

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